Histovet premiks

Herbal supplement against histomoniasis

INGREDIENTS: Oregano, cinnamon, cloves, eucalyptus, thymus crystal, vitamins

DESCRIPTION: HistoVet belongs to the group of phytobiotics with specific action on Trichomonas spp., Histomonas spp. and anaerobes. The effect on protozoa is caused by many ingredients of this product, such as: cinnamaldehyde, thymol, nerolidol and 2-decinal.

As a supportive therapy, it is advisable to give lipo and hydro-soluble vitamins and minerals.

HistoVet can be given and combined with all supplements and medications.

DOSAGE: Turkeys and poultry,: 1kg / 1T mixed in food. From the first day of life to the 5th week continuously.

The same dosage is for small bird species.

The dose in Individual treatment is 1g / 1kg of food.

If symptoms occur, increase the dose to 1.5kg-2kg / 1T of food until all animals have recovered. Continue treatment for another 10 days after the cessation of symptoms.


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