Combivit ADECK

Vitamin complex A,D,E,C,K

INGREDIENTS: Vitamins A, D 3 , E, C, K
DESCRIPTION: CombiVit ADECK oral is indicated for the use and prevention of vitamin A, D3, E, C and / or K deficiency, which is associated with bacterial infections, improved breeding results, growth and development disorders, non-infectious reproductive disorders, enteritis and skin disorders. Prophylactic use is recommended during stressful situations and heavy physical loads.
DOSAGE: Orally, after dissolving in drinking water, in the following doses:

Poultry and cattle: 0.5-0.8l per 1,000 l of drinking water, 7 days;
Pigs, sheep, goats: 0.5-1l per 1000 l of drinking water, 7 days.
Horses: 2l per 1000 L of drinking water, 7 days;
The prepared solution must be used within 24 hours