Betavit C Plus premix

Anti heat stress supplement

INGREDIENTS: Betaine, vitamin C, L-carnitine
DESCRIPTION: The selected combination of ingredients in this preparation guarantee success in overcoming the problems that occur as a result of stress, particularly stress caused by high
temperatures, which results in heat stroke, which are: decreased appetite, decrease in body weight, accelerated metabolism, increased waste, increased morbidity and mortality. A decrease of
production results, such as reduced fertility, bad quality of semen in male animals, increase of fat tissue and decrease of muscular tissue also occurs.
DOSAGE: For oral administration via feed or drinking water in these doses:

Pigs and ruminants: 1g/1liter of drinking water or 1-2 kg per 1 ton of feed
Fattening chickens, turkeys: 1-2 g / 1 liter of drinking water.
Laying hens: 2-3 g / 1l of drinking water
PACKAGING: 1kg, 10kg