Vital plus gel

Energy booster

INGREDIENTS: Sesame oil, line oil, palm oil, vitamins A,D,E,C,K, saccharide

DESCRIPTION: VitalPlus should be used when the animals are weak, exhausted or in newborn animals that are not able to suck enough colostrum. Animals that do not consume food due to avitality and hypothermia, by taking the preparation VitalPlus, get the necessary energy through medium-chain fatty acids, and vitamins provide the creation of immunity and general resistance of the organism. The product should also be given to animals after surgery or any other situation that the animal cannot eat or food intake is reduced or prevented.

DOSAGE: By squeezing the syringe into the mouth of the animal in the required daily doses: 10ml/40kg BW. The minimum dose per animal is 10ml. Repeat the treatment until a satisfactory result. It is recommended to use for up to 7 days.