Multipower biotic gel

Multivitamin complex with probiotics in the form of a gel

INGREDIENTS: Vitamins, amino acids, trace elements, probiotics

DESCRIPTION: Multipowerbiotic gel is used in all conditions in which it is necessary to strengthen the immunity: in the period of acute and chronic diseases, recovery, etc. MultiPowerbiotic gel is recommended to be given when the decline of immunity is expected due to stressful situations, it helps strengthen the immune system, during and after bacterial and viral infections, as a synergistic support for antibiotic therapy, after antiparasitic therapies. MultiPowerbiotic gel relieves symptoms of stress caused by vaccination, disease, high humidity, high temperature, competition or transportation. It also has a beneficial effect on skin and fur.

DOSAGE: By squeezing the contents of the syringe into the corner of the lips in the following doses: 100-150 ml per day, 3-5 days.

Use as long as considered necessary.


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