First gel chicken

For an ideal early start

INGREDIENTS: Vitamins, amino acids, electrolytes, probiotics, betaine, herbal supplements
DESCRIPTION: Original moisturizing gel for direct feeding of young poultry.
Dehydration of day-old chicks can be a big problem for poultry producers. From heat and humidity in incubators and travel to the farm, often over long distances at high temperatures, there is a possibility that day-old chicks will become dehydrated. Without water and other essential nutrients, the result can be significant weight loss and what follows is suboptimal growth.
• Better start, lower mortality and weight loss during transport to the farm – better quality chickens
• Reduced mortality and better growth in the first 7 days

• Helps prevent dehydration and helps overcome service stress
• Provides a valuable source of nutrients
• Encourages early food intake
• Stimulates the development of the digestive system
• Superior production capabilities and better final weight
• Stable gel provides an even suspension
• Perfect for insoluble ingredients
• Individual drops of gel are easy to notice and consume
• It will not soak the feathers
• Ideal for use in poultry delivery systems
• Outstanding return on investment
DOSAGE: Pour the powder from the package into 10L of water, mix for a few minutes until a gelatinous mass is formed. Then divide into portions on a tray, a transport box for day-old chicks, cages for transporting poultry or on the floor of the facility.
One pack of Firstgel Chicken is intended for 10,000 pieces of day-old chicks or 450kg TM of adult poultry.
Turkeys: A pack of powder is enough for 5,000 turkeys or 225kg TM of adults
PACKAGING: 600g, 120g, 12g

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