Heparen detox

Liver tonic

INGREDIENTS: srbitol, choline chloride, betaine, lysine, L carnitine, artichoke, rosemary, parsley, wormwood, fenugreek
DESCRIPTION: HEPAREN detox has a strong effect on metabolism and immunity, increases appetite and food intake. A great advantage is the maintenance of the stability of the function of parenchymal organs, such as the liver and kidneys, which is especially important in poisoning. It is also recommended when water intake is reduced. Heparen detox stimulates appetite, improves and stimulates liver, bile and intestinal function, facilitates the digestion of all nutrients and the elimination of toxins during periods of intensive production, or periods of dietary change.
DOSAGE: Mix HEPAREN detox in drinking water. Group dosage for pigs, poultry: 1l per 2000l of drinking water, for 5-10 days. Individual dosing: 1-2 ml per 10kg TM for all animal species, 5-10 consecutive days.

Horses and cattle: 50 to 80 ml per day, young animals 30 ml per day.
Sheep, goats, small calves: 5 to 15 ml per day.
Pigs: 10 to 30 ml per day. Sows 45ml per day for each individual.
Rabbits: 1 to 2 ml per 1l of drinking water.