Wound care

Skin and wound treatment solution

INGREDIENTS: Neem, citronella, nutmeg, tea tree, cloves, sesame, olive, garlic

DESCRIPTION: WoundCare is a 100% natural skin treatment product for all animals. It contains essential oils and extracts of selected plants that act against bacteria, viruses, fungi and flea larvae. WoundCare is intended for the treatment of skin diseases, cuts, infectious and surgical wounds and helps in their faster healing. The product is also effective in treating burns.

APLICATION: Take care of the appropriate application of the product: when the wound bleeds, first stop the bleeding, then thoroughly clean and disinfect the wound and then apply WoundCare. Shake the preparation slightly before use. Spray the skin with WoundCare 3-4  times a day until the wound is completely healed. Do not use for more than two weeks. If the wound does not heal within that period, consult your veterinarian.


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