Selevit EC plus

Vitamin mineral complex vitamin E, C + selenium

INGREDIENTS: Vitamin E, vitamin C, selenium

DESCRIPTION: It helps with conditions caused by a lack of vitamin E, C or selenium. It is used in encephalomalacia, exudative diathesis and muscular dystrophy. The preparation is used to improve the function of the reproductive organs. Physiological conditions, such as lactation and pregnancy, increased productive demands, then disease states, period of convalescence, stress of various etiologies, increase the need to use this type of preparation.

DOSAGE: Orally, mixed with food or dissolved in drinking water, in the following doses:

Cattle: 2 g per head, for 3-5 days.

Sheep, goats: 1 g per head, for 3-5 days

PACKAGING: 1kg, 5kg