Oregomix premiks

General phytobiotic

INGREDIENTS: Origano, thyme, salvia, echinacea,garlic,rosemary

DESCRIPTION: OregoMix formulation is a mixture of expertly selected plants, 100% of natural origin from plants that have their proven effect on a large number of bacteria, viruses and fungi that affect animal health. It is very effective in preventing and fighting diarrhea. It has a strong bactericidal effect. The mixture of plant extracts effectively stimulates appetite, growth and food conversion. Systematic use of OregoMix reduces the incidence of disease.

DOSAGE: For the prevention and increase the yield: use treatment dose of 7 days (eg. Poultry after hatching), after delivery animals, the purchase of new animals, fattening phase change, and then use a preventive dose every 2nd week, or once a week dose of treatment. 7 days before and 7 after changing food, use a prevention dose (14 days). If the symptoms of the disease appear repeat the treatment.

PACKAGING: 100g, 1kg, 10kg