First Gel

Supplement for an ideal early start

INGREDIENTS: Vitamin A, D3, E, C, K complex, probiotic, prebiotic, vegetable oils, sucrose

DESCRIPTION: Firstgel includes vitamins, beneficial bacteria, and intestinal energy sources as a unique formula that helps maintain during stress in newborn calves. Inulin as pre-biotic with probiotics are important for pungent and supporting microbial, helping to eliminate pathogenic bacteria and immune stimulating. FirstGel directly affects the vitality of calves because the middle chain triglycerides that are fully utilizable give the extra energy needed for the calves needed in the first hours of life.

DOSAGE: Newborn calves should be given in the first hours of life 50ml of gel. For low vital calves and/or for better effect repeat after 6-12 hours. For older calves apply 100ml daily, 3-5 days, in the period of stress, or appearance of diarrhea and indigestion.