Prevntion and tratment of milk feveer in cattle

INGREDIENTS: Calcium, magnesium, vitamin D, amino acids, herbal oil
DESCRIPTION CalciTonic is an effective aid in the prevention and treatment of milk fever in cattle.
CalciTonic may be given to cows:
1. Before calving to help prevention of the occurrence of milk fever in susceptible cows. Using CalciTonic by prescription, significantly reduces the occurrence of Milk fever, especially typically asymptomatic subclinical Milk fever, which makes also big production problems without seeing signs.
2. Following treatment with injectable calcium borogluconate to reduce the possibility of relapse.
The calcium chloride is rapidly absorbed following oral administration. Within 45 minutes significantly elevated blood calcium level is achieved which are maintained for up to 14 hours.

CalciTonic helps lower blood pH, which has the effect of significantly increasing the amount of free available calcium in the blood.
DOSAGE: For cows that are especially prone to milk fever, CalciTonic may be used to prevent its incidence. Application is by oral administration, directly pouring into the cow’s mouth from bottle.
Give 1 bottle of CalciTonic 24 hours before calving.
Give 1 bottle of CalciTonic immediately after calving.
Give 1 bottle of CalciTonic 10-12 hours after calving.
Give 1 bottle of Calcitonic 20-24 hours after calving.
To prevent relapse after treatment with calcium borogluconate injection.
To supplement injectable treatment of milk fever and prevent relapse of the condition:
Give 1 bottle of CalciTonic as soon as the cow stands again.
Give 1 bottle of CalciTonic 10-14 hours later.
The level of calcium in the blood is reached soon after ingestion, which confirms its effectiveness.