Biodiar plus oral

Herbal supplement for prevention and stopping diarrhea with butyrate

INGREDIENTS: Sweet chestnut extract, clove oil, calcium butyrate,inulin

DESCRIPTION: Biodiar Plus solution is a natural preparation that has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial action, based on the presence of tannins, eugenol and butyrate. It has an analgesic effect, reduces inflammatory processes in the digestive tract and stimulates the secretion of digestive enzymes. The presence of inulin helps digestion by increasing the number of good bacteria in the intestines. These bacteria help reduce pathogenic bacteria, prevent infection and stimulate the immune system. Butyrates have a very positive effect on the digestive tract. Their main role is to improve intestinal health, and thus directly affect the improvement of general health and production performance of animals. The antidiarrheal effect of Biodiara Plus is very fast and reliable. After the application of this preparation, after a couple of hours, diarrhea stops.

DOSAGE: 1 liter per 500 liters of drinking water, minimum 5 days.

Individual treatment:

Adult cattle: 300-500ml per animal, divided into 2 equal doses per day, minimum 5 days
Calves: 150-300 ml per animal, divided into 2 equal doses per day, minimum 5 days
Sheep: 20 ml per 15kg BW, divided into 2 equal doses per day, minimum 5 days
Piglets: individual treatment, per os, 2 ml per 10kg BW daily, 5- 7 days. For one day piglets, 1ml per piglet, for good farming results. Piglets which are less than 10kg BW, minimum dose is 2 ml per day, 5-7 days.
Biodiar Plus solution is very safe and if it is necessary it can be applied for longer period continuously, especially in young animals, in critical moments of breeding.

PACKAGING: 250ml, 1L