Metabolic plus gel

Energy booster

INGREDIENTS: Vitamins, essential amino acids, electrolytes, glucose

DESCRIPTION: Supplement for sport horses that have to deliver brief and powerful burst of energy for top performances. Metabolic plus is a mix of high-quality electrolytes, vitamins, amino acids and sugars important for the body when engaging in sports. Metabolic plus gel can be used just before the effort (maximum half an hour before the effort). In addition Metabolic plus provides minerals, vitamins and substrates important for muscular activity. It is also supplied after competition or strenuous effort for a quick recuperation.

DOSAGE: Metabolic plus is usually given before or during an event or stressful situation. Administrate gel into the mouth of the animal once a day in dose 100ml per animal. In case of physical exertion, training, and before races as energy booster twice a day.


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