Biodiar premix

Herbal supplement for prevention and stopping diarrhea

INGREDIENTS: chestnut, carob, oregano, thyme
DESCRIPTION: Biodiar is a formulation with a carefully selected and balanced mixture of plants which healing properties contribute to the normalization of digestive functions, alleviating the symptoms of the infection of the gastrointestinal tract, leads to stopping of diarrhea, enhance local immunity and establish microbiological balance. Biodiar prevents and relieves the effects of bacteria and viruses, as well as stress factors during animal transportation, vaccination and changes in climate and conditions. As herbal supplement is increasing appetite, conversion and feed intake, stimulating immunity and have high influence on healthy status of animal. It can be used during all period of breeding.
DOSAGE: Per oral administration via feed, 1,3-2 kg per 1 ton of ready food mixture. If all animals on farm are using Biodiar for 4 weeks, dose can be decreased every week by 100g, until to 1.3kg/T feed.
Prevention of diarrhea in young piglets:
To reduce the occurrence of diarrhea in newborn piglets, it is necessary to give food mixed with Biodiar 2kg / ton to sows, seven days before farrowing and 7 days after farrowing, and also mix
Biodiar in prestarter feed for piglets.

In calves and lambs Biodiar could be apply by milk or water individually by artificially nipple in dose
Calves: 50g /day/5-7 days
Lambs: 50g /day /5-7 days
Best results are shown if application is in feed 2 weeks before expecting critical period, and continue for 1-2 weeks more after that period(prophylactic use ), or during the whole period of breading.
PACKAGING: 100g, 1kg, 10 kg